Coaching to Make a Difference.

Reaching your full potential, one conversation at a time.


I’m Roberto Benvenuti and I’m a Professional Coach and Communication Consultant since 2013. I live in Italy, nearby the beautiful Garda Lake, with my beloved one and our two amazing kids.

I work with small entrepreneurs, teamleaders and freelancers who want to achieve success in life and in business, but feel they are stuck somewhere in the middle.

I help them see their full potential and I give them new lenses through which to see their world.

I do that with a mix of positive conversations, a strenghts-based approach to Coaching, a deep understanding of people and humbleness.

I coach to make a difference for my clients,

because that makes all the difference for me.

My approach to Coaching

Your Inner and Outer Conversations shape your world.

That's why the first question to ask yourself is this:
"What kind of conversations am I living by?"

The Inner Conversations

Everyday, about 30-70.000 thoughts cross your mind. Most of them are so thin and fast that we don’t even notice them, but others leave a mark. They stay longer, they impact our mood and the way we live our lives.

Most thoughts are the result of conversations we have with others, but we also have conversations with ourselves. About who we are. About what we can and cannot do. About what we deserve from life.

In our positive coaching journey we will work on your own inner conversations, finding those mental and relational patterns that stop you from being who you are meant to be and finding new ways to show up.

Whether you contact me for business or pirvate issues, each Positive Coaching Conversation will bring you closer to your goal of being successful, no matter what success means to you (and yes, we’ll also sort that out).

The Outer Conversations

I’ve been consulting businesses since 2013, working side by side with amazing people with amazing goals.

In my experience as a Coach and Consultant, the majority of business issues can be seen as a lack of clarity affecting the Leadership and/or the team.

The way inner/outer conversations affect our relationships, our moods and our performances is true in private life and personal relationships, but it is true in business as well: how we handle our stress and our business relations, how we make decisions, the way we deal with our team members…

I will help you define and refine the way you show up within your team and I will help you develop the skills to engage in better, more positive inner/outer conversations everyday. Yes, those kinds of conversation that lead to better performance, a trustworthy team and a stronger leadership.

Whether you're a teamleader or a teamplayer, a freelancer or an employee, you are a person, and that is my expertise.

If you keep saying to yourself that you could have more,

Let's talk.

Here is our schedule for the first 3 weeks:

1) You contact me and we schedule a first free 1 hour conversation. We get to know each other, I Coach you and we set the stage for the next steps.

2) We schedule another free 1 hour conversation. Again, I try to give you the best value I can.

3) We schedule another free 1 hour conversation. Yes, that's right.

4) If we both think we are a good fit, we co-design a tailor-made coaching program that suits your schedule, needs and goals.

IF this resonates with you and IF you are willing to show up 100%, please send me a message and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule our first positive coaching conversation.

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